Four Ways To Make Your Hotel Stand Out

The hospitality industry is very competitive in Ireland and there’s many ways you can make your hotel stand out from the rest. Check out our four steps on how you can make a huge impact on your guests.

First impressions are important no matter where you are – whether it’s meeting someone for the first time or someone visiting your establishment for the first time! Believe it or not, first impressions are not always established from the moment your guests walk through your door – they can begin from the moment your guest’s books online, speaks to your reservations department or when reading your online reviews! It’s important to ensure that if your guest books online or over the phone that you are welcoming & accommodating from the first point of contact. Why not send your guest a personalized message after they booked their stay acknowledging their booking and offering them a warm welcome, alongside any tips you have for the area or links to websites / tourists attractions or restaurant & bars. Don’t hesitate to invite them to ask any questions about their stay and that you can accommodate them if they have any special requests. Communication with your guests is essential and an easy way to make a huge impact on their guest experience.

Chances are that your guests have already viewed every photo of your guest rooms that are available online, so why not catch them by surprise with something they may not expect added to their bedroom? A bathrobe is a usual home comfort and it’s something that’s essential in every bedroom in Ireland & the UK. Catch your guest’s off-guard and include a good quality bathrobe and slippers – provide the comfort of home while your guest is travelling for work, vacation or for relaxing. If you’re struggling to choose a suitable robe, explore our brochure ‘ROOMS by Hugh Jordan’ online HERE.

Coffee Bar
As mentioned above, it’s nice to provide your guest with those “surprise & delight” moments – and there’s no better way then offering a few simple refreshments in the hotel room at no extra cost for your guest. This will encourage delightful reviews and make a huge impact on your guest. We would recommend a Dualit Coffee Machine (available in our brochure here). Depending on your stay, you can display the coffee pods in an amenity tray with tea options, a kettle and your choice of mugs from the standard white porcelain to something more exciting like Churchill Snug Mugs (depending on the vibe of your hotel).  No matter what you do, it’s important to include extra refreshments as a simple tea or coffee could make your guests day! 


SEO & Social Media
Have you ever considered how your website is appearing in google search? In order for your guests to find you online, it’s important to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is a great way to build interest in your hotel, while helping it appear top of search results when a potential guest might search the likes of “hotels in Ireland” “hotels with swimming pool Dublin” or “hotels near the three arena”. Using keywords likes these will help you keep ahead of your competitors – Google Ads can also help you with this! Like SEO, it’s also important to keep up on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. Each site is different and can help you showcase images of your establishment, special offers & deals you may have and simply engaging with your customers. You can pay for advertisements on these platforms or simply just avail of them for free, which can be just as beneficial!

Do you feel there are any mandatory tips that we left out? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram what you feel are some ways to make your hotel stand out from the rest. Don’t forget, you can shop hotel products online at or explore our brochure ‘ROOMS by Hugh Jordan’ here.