Food Trends vs Food Fads

Kale, Cronuts, Sriracha, Coconut water. These foods and drinks have flown off shelves in recent times but does this make them a food fad or a food trend?

According to the biweekly business magazine, trends are identifiable and explainable. With studies constantly being released in recent years holding information damning fizzy drinks such as Coke due to its high sugar content there are now more health based drinks are being released. These products pick up steam slowly and gain power over time. Trends are consistent with lifestyle trends, such as pledges to consume healthier foods and beverages. Showing that the likes of coconut water and kale are in fact food trends.

On the other hand, food fads are unpredictable and often take the market abruptly and by storm. These typically one-off items gather hype in a matter of weeks or days through word of mouth, the internet and/or various social-media channels. These items may attract viral attention and long lines but are characterized by a brief shelf life that may see them linger around for a little while before fading. Gone are the days of long lines for Cronuts and the likes. Making foods like this a food fad.  
So now you know the difference between a food trend and a food fad! What are your favourite food trends and food fads?

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