Food Trends for 2017


Every year there are emerging food trends that take the world by storm. Much like our food trends for 2016, here are some of the emerging food trends that are going to be the biggest things of the new year.

1. Bowl Food

Bowl food will not just be constricted to the likes of acai and poke bowl. This year will see more inventive styles such as the 'budda bowl' introduced into the new year. A Budda bowl gets it's name from the round shape that is created after you fill the bowl full of wholesome foods. What is even better is now you can have your entire meal all in the one place! 

2. Food Waste

Every year there is more and more of an effort made to combat food waste, and 2017 will be no different. Actions like making jam from rejected fruits will be a lot more common in the New Year in a bid to lessen the waste. It is estimated that one third of all food goes to waste, so making this extra effort will be detrimental in bringing this number down. 

3. Healthy Snacking

Snacks will undergo a healthy renaissance. Crisps will take the form of thinly cut vegetables such as zucchini and sweet potato, with ‘coconut chips’ even being available as another healthy alternative. The possibilities are endless in this department and 2017 will really push the boundariers.

4. Globally Authentic Food

We are constantly being introduced to new food from different cultures. Just Eat have released a statement saying Malaysian food orders increased by 3000% in 2016, along with Korean food by 900%, Nepalese by 300% and Vietnamese by 67%. This year will see an increase in a search for authentic global food, not ‘Americanised’ versions.

5. Vegetable Overload

Healthy eating is growing more and more popular among the nation. With a huge rise of healthier eateries opening around Dublin it is evident that this is a sought after trend. With this in mind, 2017 will see a huge growing number of vegetables added to dishes and in many cases they will become the centre of the dish.

What trends do you think will be dominant in 2017?

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