Food Trends 2019


From Gin & Tonic to Avocado's, the last few years have been truly memorable in the world of food & drink, as we have seen many new & innovative foods come to the market and make their mark! This year, it’s no different and with the wellness fad still remaining on the scene, we see 2019 trends concentrating on a healthier regime. We have devised a list of some of the trends we feel will take 2019 by storm!


  1.        Dry Drinks – Alcohol Free

It’s now evident that many people are opting for a healthier lifestyle and this now includes removing alcohol from their weekend routine. We are now seeing a higher demand in customer’s searching for exciting ‘mocktails’ or non-alcoholic drinks to indulge in on their nights out as opposed to the previously ever so popular gin & tonic. Since it’s January, and of course, dry January is a timelessly popular trend to on-board too, why not consider including a wide array of drinks to tempt even those who are going alcohol free?

  1.        The Case Against Waste

This trend isn’t so much a new one, but more so a continuing one that we are proud to see making its way into 2019. In the last few years, it has now came to light the effect plastic waste is taken on our planet, with this being reported about daily across many media platforms. We have seen the introduction of the Latte Levy in January 2018, which imposed a 30c charge on customers who use disposable cups and now, we are seeing a rise in coffee shops incorporating compostable & bio-degradable cups as a way to combat this.  There are now talks of an expected ban on single-use plastic items such as straws, cotton buds, plastic cutlery and more, which is supposed to be implemented by 2020. This year, make the effort in changing your plastics to a sustainable option and explore our range online now by clicking here.

  1.        Gut Health & Fermented Foods

Another trend that revolves around the health craze, we are starting to see online a rise in the trends of finding many ways to ingest as much probiotics and prebiotics in their foods as possible. With this new obsession in improving the bacterial health of ones intestinal tract, we are seeing food bloggers and enthusiasts creating fascinating foods using the fermentation technique. This includes foods such as Kimchi, Kombucha, Sauerkraut and more, which we may see appear in many types of food such as salad dressings or smoothies. This is a very niche trend but something we are truly looking forward to seeing pop up!

  1.        Vegan & Plant-Based Foods

It’s now being said by a number of health experts that 2019 will be the year of the plant protein, with many people opting to go Vegan for January (Veganuary!). With health & environmental issues being a direct influence on this trend beginning, we are seeing a high rise of vegetarian and vegan options being available on menu’s in many modern & traditional restaurants, in order to cater for this upcoming diet. With last year’s popular plant proteins being bean pastas, soy, tofu and quinoa burgers, this year we will see dandelion greens, rainbow carrots, beets and amaranth as up and coming. Will you being trying out this diet this year?

  1.        Oat Milk


First it was Soya, then it was almond milk but 2019 seems to starting up with an oat milk phase! Oat Milk is basically made from soaking oats in water and then draining out the excess oats and is a popular liquid like substitute for dairy milk – fitting for the vegan trend! Coffee shops are seeing the demand in dairy alternatives for their coffees so this trend is definitely one to consider for 2019 in your hotel, bar or restaurant!



What do you think of some of 2019’s predicted food & drink trends? Let us know if you will be partaking in any of these trends or incorporating them to you menus! Get in touch with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook now. If you’d like to shop with us don’t forget to visit us on