Food Styling Essentials:

With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the standard of Food Photography is on the rise. Gone are the days of eating a meal without first carefully placing your artfully poured coffee alongside your Buddah Bowl. Recently we got Food Stylist, Photography and Recipe Maker Jennifer Oppermann to come into our store in Bride St to show us how to up our game to rival the specialists out there. 



Unknowns to us, there is more to taking a great snap that beautiful food. Everything from the table colour beneath to the angle you take your image all play a part in creating the perfect image. Something else we didn't know? That a 'Food Styling' kit is a must! There are a handful of items that are a necessity if you want to create the perfect image. 


Food Styling Essentials:


  • Food Tweezers
    The burgers in the McDonalds adverts don't just 'happen' to have the perfect amount of lettuce, cheese and tomato peeking out to let you know what's in store for you when you buy. All of these images are carefully curated and the use of food tweezers is how it all happens with precision. 

  • Flour Shaker
    Your baked goods don't just get that magical sprinkle of icing sugar (or whatever sneaking item they have used instead) by just sprinkling it with a spoon. To get a perfectly even sprinkle it required the use of a flour shaker. The best thing about this item in your kit is the ability to create action shots - making your image stand out even more!

  • Squeezy Bottles
    These bottles have a couple of different uses and each of them is more important than the next. To get that ketchup spread perfectly along your burger you will have to use a squeezy bottle to ensure precision and an even spread. Looking to get the perfect drizzle, both as an action shot or just in general? This is where the squeezy bottle comes in to save the day again! And lastly, if you are looking to take an image that is non-commercial and want to avoid including other brands you can fill up a bottle with condiments to add to the scene, without adding any unwanted branding. 

  • Blow Torch 
    To get the perfect browning or charred effect using a blow torch is a must. It doesn't matter if it's a baked good, a cut of meat, or simply a side that you want to add colour to. The blowtorch has so many uses and is essential for adding that extra touch to your photograph.

  • Turkey Baster
    You would be amazed at the number of uses a turkey baster has when taking an image. It can be used for adding liquid, or taking excess liquid away in an image, adding smoke to an image, perfectly dripping liquid (much like what you could use a squeeze bottle for). It is a must-have for nailing your food photography. 

  • Metal Skewers
    These are perfect for charing meat along the top and giving it that perfect grilled look. All you have to do is heat the skewer (which can be done with a blow torch in your kit also!) and then press it down on the meat gently. It's a little touch that will add to the overall image. 

  • Parchment Paper
    This paper has two completely different uses. The first way it can be used is as material for the flat lay. Laying paper under your food/plate will add texture to your image. The second is to use it to block harsh lighting out from a window. By sticking this paper against your window with some tape you remove the harshness from the lighting and helps you create the perfect image. 


These are the bare essentials to help and take your food photography up a notch and help you create images that are truly Instagram worthy. Not only are these items available online, you can also get them in-store at 1 Chancery Court, Bride St, Dublin 8! 


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