Food Packaging Essentials - Preparing for International Picnic Day

Every year on June 18th people around the world celebrate International Picnic Day by grabbing some food and enjoying their meal al fresco.

Ensure you’re ready for the unofficial holiday with our picnic essentials below!

Food Packaging

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With such a wide selection of food packaging options it can be hard to choose which products would be the best option for your business. To help ease this decision it’s important to consider the following questions: 

  • What type of food will I be offering?

Anything that is liquid or in a thin sauce should be served in a waterproof sealed packaging to ensure leaks don’t occur during transport.

  • Will the item be microwaved at some point?

If portion sizes are large or there is a high chance that the food will be microwaved at some point – microwavable packaging would be a better option than a non-microwavable one.

  • Do I want an eco-friendly option?

There are many different material options to consider when choosing food packaging. With global warming and the earth’s health on the top of many consumer’s minds you may decide to choose compostable or biodegradable options to reduce the impact of your takeaway has on the environment.

With those questions in mind here are some of our top picks for food packaging options this international picnic day: 

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Kraft Food Cartons

Available in a wide range of sizes kraft food cartons are the standard in food packaging now a days. Available in compostable options, kraft containers are grease and water resistant and can use for everything from sandwiches to noodles. 

Shop Kraft Food Cartons here -




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Soup and Salad Containers

Similar to kraft food cartons, soup and salad containers come in a variety of sizes and materials. Most commonly used for soups and salads, the portability and removable cover of these containers make them perfect for a wide range of dishes like saucy pastas.

Shop Salad and Soup Containers here



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Pizza Boxes

While pizza boxes most common use is for pizza, these large boxes are also great for larger portion meals such as spice boxes. 

We have a range of pizza box options, including compostable options and ones with designs on them.

Shop Pizza Boxes here




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With many pubs offering takeaway pints during lockdown, we see many people still wanting a freshly pulled pint on their picnics compared to the traditional bag of cans.

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Durable and crack-resistant, Flexy-glass offers a great alternative to traditional plastic glassware – and with both a recyclable and compostable option available these glasses shouldn’t be overlooked.

Shop Flexy Glassware here



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Our double walled hot cups are the greenest insulated hot cups on the market. Lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic, these hot cups are sleek, kraft-finished and certified compostable. 

Shop Double Walled Hot Cups here




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When preparing your food for takeaway ensure you have all the extras like napkins, straws, skewers, and bags for easy transportation! 

For more information on our takeaway options or to order – contact your local rep at 01 862 7200 | or browse our website!


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