Five Reasons Why Your Next Break Should Be A Staycation!


Five reasons why your next break should be - a 'Staycation'! 


Nowadays, travelling the world is very popular among the youth of Ireland, with plenty of people consistently booking flights and visiting many European cities - even some relocating to other countries such as Australia, New Zealand & America. This is all down to how accessible and affordable travelling is, with it now being as cheap as 20 euro to jump on a flight 100 miles away. Even though it’s great that we all have the opportunity to see more of the world, we often forget to travel and explore our very own country.


Ireland is known as a country with a great name for hospitality and our service industry standard is one of the best in the world. The Central Statistics Office released that in 2017 Ireland had received 9,932,100 million tourists in that year alone – that was a 3.5% increase from the figures from the previous year.  We receive visitors from the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and many other places around the world - many who love to get lost in our culture, the stunning scenic views and the overall atmosphere pubs, restaurants & hotels. With all of this right at our doorstep and only a car journey away – why not consider a ‘STAYCATION’ for a break after the busy Christmas period?


A ‘Staycation’ is basically a holiday on your own turf, which can include travelling to the opposite side of the country or even staying in your own county. It’s the perfect way to avoid the stress of hauling your luggage through the airport and the hustle & bustle involved in boarding a flight. It’s a great opportunity to visit all those attractions you’ve always told yourself “one day I’ll go”. Ireland has a lot to offer so we’ve devised a list of five reasons why your next break in the New Year should be a STAYCATION.





Earlier this year, Tripadvisor released a list of countries, ranked in terms of excellent service and of course Ireland made the list and took the number two spot!  From friendly staff to efficient service, it’s no surprise that this is the first reason why you should consider a break at home this year. Our small country has always been known to provide a high level of service and always welcoming to locals and tourists.


Ireland is filled with stunning hotels and B&B’s that serve excellent, homely food and rooms decorated to the highest of standard. There are many stunning hotel destinations to choose from, whether are you are searching for a room near the Wild Atlantic Way or searching for a stunning guest house in the Sunny South East!




There’s nothing worse than trying to plan a big trip away and you’re already stressed before you’ve left the country.  Sometimes, if you’re looking to take a trip away on your own going a far distance can cause trouble. Ireland can offer you city breaks, beach trips, cliff excursions and the peacefulness of the countryside- And all only a car journey away!



It can be easy to forget the many attractions Ireland has to offer.  With the breath taking views of the Cliffs of Moher & the Burren or even the hidden gems that you may find driving through the Ring of Kerry or anywhere along the Wild Atlantic Way. You can opt for a relaxing and rural visit or explore our great cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Belfast & Waterford. You will never be bored if you choice to stay at home for your vacation this year!




Whether you plan to get a bus, train or drive yourself to your destination, there are always very affordable transport options for your ‘STAYCATION’. You can choice a luxury stay in many of our top hotels or even choice an alternative option such as a caravan park or even camping. 




Go whenever you like and at a moment’s notice. The beauty of staying home for your break this year is that you don’t’ require extra days off your busy work schedule to take into consideration the travel time – you can simply load up your car and go!



It’s clear that choosing a ‘STAYCATION’ for one of your holiday breaks for 2019 is a great way to explore your own country, have an affordable trip and experience Irelands AMAZING hospitality standards. What was your favourite trip in Ireland, so far? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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