Five Essential Knives


Having the right tools of the trade is essential for success when cooking; however the catch is knowing what the essential tools are and what task they’re best suited to, be it filleting, carving or just an all-rounder. Whether you’re a professional chef or an aspiring chef, having the right tools for the job will always make life easier but don’t fret; because we have you covered in this handy guide that details the 5 best types of knives.






A versatile and multi-purpose knife which performs extremely well at many different kitchen tasks. This knife can handle anything from mincing meat and vegetables, to slicing meat or veg or even disjointing large cuts of beef. The chef knife is probably the most essential tool for any kitchen down to how versatile it is. For the ideal chef knife, the blade should have a length between 8” – 9” and be sharpened regularly. You can also opt for a Santoku knife which is a Japanese style Chef knife only just smaller and lighter than the traditional chef knife.





The boning knife is primarily used for removing the bones from poultry, fish and meat. The boning knife has a very long and narrow blade that is usually sized between 5” to 6.5”. Boning knives generally tend to be thin knives that makes precision boning a lot easier with the sharp point particularly making for deep cuts and holes to be a lot less difficult to debone. There are two types of boning knife for different tasks, stiff and flexible. A stiff boning knife is great for deboning tough meats like beef for pork whereas a flexible boning knife is better for smaller animals with softer meat like fish and poultry.





A Mincing knife is the ultimate tool for mincing foods such as fruit and vegetables into small pieces and is an essential piece of kit for any kitchen. The mincing knife allows for saving on time as it speeds up preparation when chopping salad or herbs to be used for seasoning. The ergonomic shape of the blade glides through foods, allowing for precision cuts on foods. There are many different styles of mincing blades but the handles on either side allow for a comfortable grip when mincing foods.






The butcher knife is primarily used for butchering the meat from small animal carcasses. The butcher knife has a heavy blade. If you prepare meat in the kitchen then this is a must have tool. A good quality butcher knife is essential as they normally will have safety features such as safety nose that prevents fingers slipping onto the blade while the blade will be high quality stainless steel.





The Paring Knife, like the Chef Knife, is one of the most important tools in any kitchen. No matter the task, the Paring knife can do the job. The knife is both small and sharp and is able to cut through the toughest meats as well as the most delicate meats. It is also perfect for slicing and dicing vegetables. This knife can handle anything from simple slicing to intricate cuts.



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