Final Easing Of Restrictions In Ireland

With the announcement yesterday by the Taoiseach about the final easing of restrictions, we take a look at what the guidelines are. The easing of these restrictions means that everything is starting to get back to normal or as close to this as possible.


The first restriction to be lifted is the cap on the numbers on public transport, which begun today. From the 6th of September organised indoor events and mass gatherings will return, this come with a cap to the number of vaccinated or ‘immune’ allowed to attend at 60% of the venue capacity. For indoor live music, drama, live entertainment or sporting events, the audience must be fully seated. Cinemas and theatres will follow the same procedures as all indoor events. If there is a mixed immunity status, there will be no change to the current limits of 50 people. Live music and dance will be permitted at weddings from the 6th of September. Organised outdoor events and mass gatherings will go up to 75% of venue capacity, where all attendees are immune or accompanied minors.All religious ceremonies can go ahead with 50% of venue capacity, regardless of the immunity status of attendees. The 20th of September will see the return of workers to their workplaces, on a phased, staggered basis.It will also signal the return of organised indoor group activities, like sport, arts, culture and dance classes, with capacity limits of 100 people where all of them are immune or under-18.


The 22nd of October will be the most important date on this list as this will see nearly all remaining restrictions lifted, including the requirement to socially distance. There will be no more requirements to wear a mask outdoors, or in indoor private settings. There will be no limits on the numbers at indoor and outdoor events and activities, and no more restrictions on religious or civil ceremonies. The limit on numbers that can meet in private homes and gardens will be lifted on this day. A certificate of vaccination, immunity or testing will no longer be required to get into restaurants or any other activities or events, with the exception of international travel. And so-called 'high-risk' activities will return, such as the reopening of nightclubs. The only measures that will remain in place relate to face coverings and self-isolation.


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