Fairmont & Main

Fairmont & Main Limited was established in 1994 by Philip and Glennis Harrison with a commitment to providing their customers good quality tableware, great value and excellent service. During the last twenty years they have done just that and in the process established ourselves as a trusted and well-respected tableware brand.

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Tide Coupe Platter 28cm

28cm | CTN/6

Studio Slate Plate 21cm

21cm | CTN/6

Raw Pebble Deep Dish 16cm

16cm | CTN/6

Studio Earth Plate 25.5cm

25.5cm | CTN / 6

Raw Slate Round Dish 23cm

23cm | CTN/6

Studio Earth Plate 28.5cm

28.5cm | CTN / 6

Raw Slate Round Dish 18.5cm

18.5cm | CTN/ 6

Tide Coupe Platter 36cm

36cm | Each

Tide Coupe Platter 25.5cm

25.5cm | CTN/6

Raw Slate Deep Dish 16cm

16cm | CTN/6

Studio Granite 21cm Plate

21cm | CTN/6

Studio Slate Plate 28.5cm

28.5cm | CTN/6