Fáilte Ireland Reopening Guidelines

With the government meeting today to confirm the next steps in our reopening map, we are taking a look at the guidelines that have been suggested by Fáilte Ireland with regards to the dining sector.


Outdoor dining has been confirmed to begin on the 7th of June and an announcement for indoor dining is to be made today by the government. Fáilte Ireland, the national tourism development authority for Ireland, has released their recommendations for indoor dining, with the assumption that indoor dining will begin early in July.


The Fáilte Ireland strategy addresses maximum numbers of people, spacing of tables and reservations, as well as the need for ventilation. Under the guidelines, indoor dining, once it begins, will require:

  •          Reservations and 105 minute time limits for tables.
  •          There will be a limit of 6 people per table (not including children under 13).
  •          Table service only.
  •          2 metre distancing is required, if all risk mitigation requirements have been met then a minimum of 1 metre is required.
  •          Measures to control noise levels to be put in place, no live/loud music permitted.
  •          Contact tracing, ventilation and enhanced hygiene measure must be adhered to.
  •          Face masks must be worn by employees at all times.
  •          Face masks must be worn by customers at all times unless sat at their table.
  •          11.30pm close time for all restaurants and pubs.
  •          No social gatherings or parties are permitted indoors.


The majority of these guidelines are the same as those in place for outdoor dining, with only a small number of these for indoor dining only. With an announcement due today, we cannot wait to hear when we can finally enjoy indoor dining once more!


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