Everyday Essentials Guest Amenities

Our latest brochure is our ‘Everyday Essentials’ Guest  Amenities which includes everything you will need, from guests bedrooms to bathrooms and so much more! We take a look at some of the items you will find in this brochure that would be perfect for you.





It is essential for guests to feel pampered while staying in your hotel and this is important for choose the perfect toiletries for your business.




With the transforming power of water, this revitalising blend of products will provide you with a refreshing and hydrated experience. The naturally calming solution of Blyss will take you on a journey of tranquillity, while ensuring an absolutely relaxing time. Simply fragranced with the fresh scent from beside the sea, this range offers natural and nourishing results.



Original Botanicals is a luxury brand that represents timeless beauty, like the nature of the world that surrounds us. The oriental-fresh fragrance of this range combines floral scents with the age old remedy of Ginkgo extract infused with herbaceous green-tea, revered today for its anti-oxidant benefits leaving you replenished and relaxed. In the simplest form, Mother Nature combines sweet earthy aromas with the gentlest and the purest botanicals, leaving the skin and mind refreshed.





With the rush and stress of travel, sometimes guests can get caught up in the excitement and may forget an essential, everyday product. When coming to a hotel, your guest would be delighted to see accessories such as a sewing kit, vanity kit, dental kit, shaving kit & even a shoe shine kit – even if these products do not get used, it shows a sense of consideration to your guests.






Guests will always feel more comfortable in a bathroom that feels like home and is fitted out safely.




The Rubber non-slip bath mat has suction cups on the base to hold securely in place.



The satin stripe shower curtain is a premium range which  are weighted along the bottom to hold curtain in place & are supplied with curtain hooks to make fitting this as simple as possible.






It’s always nice to make your guests feel special and there’s some simple ways to do this; including slippers in the room can add a touch of home to their room.





These white closed toe slipper with an EVA sole in poly velour are the perfect extra touch to your hotel or guest bedroom. These slippers have a 5mm sole which provides your guest with maximum comfort throughout the duration of their stay. These slippers are a soft and one size fits all to ensure you cater for each and every customer that visits.





We supply a wide range of hangers, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your business. The hangers with wire metal cross bar and trouser clips are perfect for a wide range of clothing.






It’s vital that the bed, pillows & duvet are all super comfy for any guest! When a guest is staying away from home, they can often be worried about having as good of a night’s sleep as they would in their own bed. Choosing high-quality textiles can help give you the peace of mind that this would not be a problem for all your guests.




Our ‘Everyday Essentials’ Brochure is available to view online and you can browse the Hugh Jordan website now. If you’re interested any of these products and would like to place an order, call us now on 01-862-7200.


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