Essential Kitchenware Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and are you, like many of us, stuck for gift ideas?


Thankfully, we here at Hugh Jordan have some ideas for you to gift the aspiring barista, chef or food lover in our life.


If you’re shopping for someone who spends a serious amount of time in the kitchen whether it be for cooking or for pleasure, then you can never go wrong with some classic kitchen essentials, from coffee makers to simple wine glasses.


Below are some of our favourite, everyday essential goodies that we think everyone should have in their kitchen.


And since we all have different tastes and if none of our choices tickle your fancy, check out some more of our barware, glassware and coffee accessories for more ideas.


  • Cafetière Coffee Maker
    Bring Parisian style to your kitchen with the Cafetière Coffee Maker. If you know perfect Christmas gift. This cafetiere will fill a kitchen with a rich aroma of ground roasted coffee beans. The Coffee Maker is a particularly fuss-free and good a coffee lover then bring out their inner barista with this cafetière. It boasts a three-cup capacity and features a traditional Parisian design. This one gets the job done and the chrome plate and curved black handle gives a retro look.
  • Artis Tall Latte Glass
    Complete the Barista look with the Artis Tall Latte Glass by serving up a coffee the way a coffee house would. It is the perfect Christmas gift that will match the Cafetière Coffee Maker, and complement the Parisian feel you are recreating. The slenderness of the glass adds a touch of elegance to a serving of coffee, making this a gift you really can’t go wrong with.
  • The Carlton Latte Spoon
    The Carlton Latte Spoon is the perfect item that completes this gift. The Carlton Latte Spoon is a timeless and modern design that will complete the overall Parisian feel created by these essentials. These are ideal for enjoying a latte or any other creamy hot drink. These three items are vital for the budding barista. With their classy look and feel, these items complement any kitchen and make a great Christmas gift.


  • Copper Boston Shaker
    Stylish and creative alternative to the traditional Boston shaker, this polished copper shaker is ideal for the modern bar professional. Alongside your exceptional cocktail making skills, this copper Boston shaker will make a lasting impression.


  • Copper Mug
    A perfect addition to the copper Boston shaker is this copper mug – perfect for the host with the most who wants to impress their guests with their impressive cocktail making skills and serve them up in something chic.


  • Copper Cocktail Strainer
    Practicality doesn’t always mean boring. This copper cocktail strainer is a double whammy with its trendy copper finish meaning it will match your copper barware collection perfectly, but it also will allow you to create those smooth, cocktails by effectively controlling what goes into your drinks.


  • Copper Jigger
    And last but not least is this copper jigger, an essential addition to any professional or at home bar. Not only do they ensure that your cocktails don’t mysteriously get stronger by the end of the night because someone can’t measure spirits, but its copper finish will keep it looking shiny, stylish and new even after prolonged use.


These are the perfect Christmas gifts for someone who loves to entertain, experiment with cocktails or kick back and chill with a nice pot of coffee.


All of these, plus MUCH MORE are also available online and in our trade store in Dublin City Centre; click here for the location and directions.

Happy Shopping!

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