Glass Jars

Next time you're out for a night on the tiles, take a look around at the many bars and restaurants replacing their existing glassware for something with a little more character. The traditional purpose of items such as jam jars and milk bottles has been tranformed, as they have now become a funky and contempoary means of presenting your classic cocktails, desserts or water / wine decanting. 

If you're looking to jump on board this trend, then make sure to buy them online right here today! Lids are available on request.

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    Gold Jam Jar Lid (63mm)

    Sold Each

    Mini Milk Bottle

    25cl (8.25oz) | LID SOLD SEPARATELY

    Gold Lid For 250ml/500ml Milk Bottle

    Gold Lid For 25cl/50cl Milk Bottle

    Tennessee Drinking Jar

    43cl (15oz)

    Mini Milk Bottle

    12cl (4.5oz) | To be used with SDCRATE91127

    Milk / Juice Bottle

    1 Litre (35oz) | LID SOLD SEPARATELY

    Gold Milk Bottle Lid For 1L

    Gold Milk Bottle Lid For 1L

    Square Glass Jar

    275ml (12oz)

    Round Glass Jar

    29cl (10oz)

    Oricio Glass Jar

    314ml (12oz)

    Hexagonal Glass Jar 290ml

    12oz (288ml)