Diversey is a leading brand of sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions. Hugh Jordan's extensive range of Diversey products will meet all of your cleaning, sanitation and hygeine solution needs. 

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Taski Sani Calc (2x5LTR)

Bathroom Descaler - 2 x 5LTR

Suma Frit D9.1 (1 x 10KG)

Fryer Degreaser - EACH

Tapi Gum Remover

6 X 0.5L

Taksi Sanitizer 4 In 1(2 x 5Ltr)

Detergent Disinfectant Descaler Deodouriser

Suma Inox D7.1 (6X0.75L) W14

Stainless Steel Polish - CTN/6

Titan Sanitiser Powder 12X500G

Multi purpose - CTN/12

R9 Plus-Acidic Bathroom Cleaner

Diversey 1.5Litre (Box/2)