Displaying Food Safely

With Phase 4 on the near horizon, many businesses in the hospitality industry have reopened and continue to learn how to adapt to the new ways of operating while adhering to public health and safety guidelines.


Social distancing signage, masks, gloves, and an increase in cleaning and sanitisation, all help to reduce the chance of transmission of the disease, however some businesses face a new challenge in displaying their food and serving covered food in a stylish and hygienic way.


Here are our top ways to cover & display food of all types:

 Kata collection by dalebrook

The Kata Collection by Dalebrook


The Kata collection is made from a unique melamine blending process gives it a high-quality, durable finish and texture.

Offered in both black and white, the Kata Collection comes in four foot prints and three heights, allowing for full flexibility in the display (over 125+ combinations).


With clear or coloured lids these crocks are great for storing, transporting, and displaying food in a hygenic and fashionable way.


The dual-purpose crocks are:


  •       Reversible and can be used as platters to highlight products and displays
  •       Will stack to create height and different capacities to reduce food on display and save on wastage
  •       With the use of PET lids storing and back-up becomes very easy and the product stays fresh
  •       Crocks stack just as well with or without lids


 Kata Collection Dalebrook



Steelite Rangtang CarrierStack Plates Steelite




The Rantang Carrier, Stack Plates, & Other Cover Solutions by Steelite 

Amaze your guests while you bring food to the table safely covered and beautifully displayed in Steelite’s unique Rantang Carrier.


Specifically designed for family-style service, appetizers, small plates, and individual meals. The Rantang Carrier and Stack Plates and Bowls are a perfect option for in-room and conference dining. ⁠⠀



Steelite’s Gastronorm Trays come in three ranges of platter based on their popular Driftwood, Slate textures, and a classic white version. All items are designed to fit with standard covers in the market place, meaning they’re easy to cover between customers and when not in use.



 Steelite Gastronorm TraySteelite Gastronorm Tray 2


Sealable Cutlery Envelopes

These cutlery envelopes are great option for businesses that are looking for a way for their customers to grab their own cutlery while reducing the chance of transmission compared to traditional options.


Once the cutlery is washed, employees can place them into the envelope, and seal it – helping to reduce the amount of times the cutlery is handled directly.

 Cutlery Envelopes


Shop the above products and more covid-19 essentials online and by contacting your rep today!






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