Deck the Halls with Festive Tableware: Your Ultimate Hospitality Guide

As we eagerly approach the magical Christmas season, it's time to prepare for the festivities that lie ahead. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate home chef, we have everything you need to enhance your culinary journey during this most enchanting time of the year.


Setting the Christmas Table: Crockery and Glassware Selections for Every Occasion

Christmas is the perfect season to transform your table into a canvas of warmth and elegance. Explore our Christmas-inspired crockery and unique glassware options, designed to enhance your dining experience. Whether you're a home chef or part of the hospitality industry, our collection will elevate every festive occasion.



Tennessee Drinking Jar: GGTENJR90074 – GGTENJR90073

Embrace the rustic charm of a drinking jar, perfect for serving Christmas cocktails, fresh fruit-infused water, or even hot apple cider.


Capri Marg: GGCAPRI04386A

The Capri Marg glass exudes sophistication and is ideal for sipping your favourite Christmas margaritas or mocktails.

Irish Coffee: ARMUGCF37684

Warm up your guests with Irish coffee served in elegant mugs designed to elevate your hot beverage game.

Preserve Jars: 1.5oz to 3L Available

 Perfect for festive soups, salads, or even cockatails - these versatile preserve jars are a must-have for every kitchen.

Melody Wine: GGMELOD00058

Raise a toast to the season with our Melody Wine glasses. They are designed to enhance the flavours of your favourite Christmas wines.

Takeaway Cups

Our range of takeaway cups includes both reusable and disposable options, ensuring that your beverages can be enjoyed on the go or in the comfort of your restaurant.




Steelite Aurora Amber

Incorporating the remarkable Aurora and Scape collections by Steelite into your dining experience allows you to unlock the full spectrum of Christmas's enchanting colors and textures. Scape, with its innovative multi-material design, reflects the dynamic shift in our lifestyles and offers a diverse range of dining experiences. The unique shapes and captivating ripple design of the Scape range play harmoniously into the season's allure, effortlessly transitioning from relaxed casual settings to sophisticated formal occasions, making it an excellent choice for Christmas.

Steelite Scape & Scape Glass

As for Aurora, it's a masterpiece crafted with precision. Each piece in this collection is treated with two reactive glazes, thoughtfully applied to create striking contrasts or achieve an elegantly nuanced tonal appearance. The result is an array of tableware that radiates richness and vibrancy, enhancing the creative presentation of various cuisine types. Aurora's two enticing colors, Burnt Emerald and Amber, perfectly capture the essence of Christmas, making it the ideal choice to embrace the warmth and charm of the season in your dining setting.

Steelite Aurora Burnt Emerald

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Elevate your Christmas dining experience with Degrenne's Supernature collection, a striking representation of nature's beauty. This collection brings a touch of natural charm to your table, providing the perfect backdrop for presenting your Christmas-inspired culinary creations.

The extraordinary bark-like texture not only adds an authentic and rustic dimension to your table setting but also perfectly complements the ambiance of the holiday season, capturing the essence of Christmas's beauty with each carefully curated piece.

Degrenne Supernature Collection



Stonecast Berry Red

Churchill's Stonecast crockery collection introduces an array of captivating colours that pay homage to the enchanting Christmas season, empowering you to create a tablescape that harmonises with the spirit of the holidays.


Stonecast Spice Orange

The warm and inviting colours of Tangerine, Mustard Yellow, Spiced Orange, and Berry Red provide a vibrant and earthy palette that perfectly complements the holiday ambiance. These shades resonate with the rich hues of the season, reflecting the warmth of falling leaves, the cozy embrace of a crackling fireplace, and the delightful vibrancy of Christmas's harvest.


Stonecast Tangerine

What sets Stonecast apart is its exceptional ability to add a vivid burst of color to your table settings, especially when presenting dishes that exude earthy tones, such as hearty stews, roasted vegetables, and seasonal delights. Each piece embodies the essence of Christmas, transforming your dining experience into a feast for the senses, capturing the very essence of this enchanting season.


Stonecast Mustard Yellow

RAK Porcelain


Explore the RAK Nordic collection, where the art of simplicity meets the allure of elegance, rendering it a versatile choice for all your Christmas dining occasions. Notably stackable and effortlessly interchangeable, the Nordic series is tailor-made for the hustle and bustle of the upcoming season. The ingenious walled plates, a distinctive feature of this collection, offer boundless versatility. They can gracefully transition from cradling hearty stews and soothing soups to elegantly presenting succulent burgers and delectable roasts, accommodating the full spectrum of your culinary creativity.


RAK Nordic

Neofusion: Volcano

Unearth the exquisite Neofusion collection, where the rustic beauty of nature meets the contemporary dining experience. Neofusion draws inspiration from the very core of the Earth, offering a rich palette of six stunning shades – magma red, volcano black, ember red, stone grey, terra brown, and sand white. The collection's distinctive mineral matter aesthetics fuse the durability of porcelain with the visual allure of hand-sprayed, non-porous glaze. Each piece is an artisanal masterpiece, revealing subtle variations in tone, making your dining setup truly unique. Whether it's a cozy breakfast, a sizzling grill, main courses, appetizers, or a lavish buffet spread, Neofusion's hand-decorated pieces set the stage for an extraordinary Christmas dining experience.

RAK Neofusion - Volcano

RAKstone: EASE

Discover the epitome of ease and sophistication in the RAKstone collection. Perfectly apt for those seeking elegance in simplicity. This range, including the "EASE" design, takes the timeless appeal of stone-like textures and blends it with modern aesthetics. The result is a set of dinnerware that's both functional and stylish. With "EASE," your Christmas table takes on a contemporary yet earthy charm. Ideal for those who appreciate a touch of subtlety in their presentations, the RAKstone collection elevates your dining experience to an entirely new level.


RAKstone Ease


Elevate your Christmas dining experience with the RAK Banquet collection, a testament to functionality, resilience, and minimalist elegance. Crafted to cater to the needs of hospitality professionals, Banquet offers a versatile range that's perfect for daily use. With exceptional durability, this series effortlessly transitions from morning breakfasts to evening dinners, consistently proving its worth. Easy to maintain and store, Banquet combines hard-wearing practicality with timeless charm. You're guaranteed to discover the ideal piece within this extensive collection, ensuring your Christmas dining table is both stylish and accommodating.


Exclusive RAK Offer: Buy 4 Cases, Get the 5th Free!

Indulge in our unique RAK offer while it lasts. When you purchase four cases from Banquet, Nordic, and Nano, we'll gift you the fifth case at no cost. This is your chance to enhance your dining presentation, whether you're a restaurant owner, a hospitality professional, or a home chef. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to elevate your tabletop effortlessly!

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Royal Porcelain & Apollo

 As Christmas graces us with its enchanting details, our Royal Porcelain and Apollo collections stand as a testament to timeless beauty and understated sophistication. Within these ranges, you'll discover basic whiteware crockery that marries durability with remarkable affordability. Perfect for those who appreciate both quality and value, these collections promise to elevate your Christmas dining experience without breaking the bank.

Royal Porcelain



This season, create unforgettable moments by setting your table with our crockery and glassware selections designed to embrace the warmth and elegance of Christmas. Whether you're a professional chef or a passionate home cook, let your dining table reflect the true essence of the season.

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