Creating Your Coffee Shop Menu...

In recent years, coffee has become a growing sensation amongst most Irish people. With everyone becoming more conscious of their health & fitness, it is more commonly noted that people are socialising in coffee shops as opposed to pubs. According to Bord Bia, 75% of Irish people state they now drink coffee, with 7 out of 10 consuming more than one cup a day. With this higher demand for coffee, we now have a wide range of coffee retailers and shops to choose from, with a wide variety of coffee beans, milks and syrups available. It’s also important to make sure you know what to include on your coffee menu! The best way to begin understanding the coffee menu is to understand what goes into the most commonly ordered & essential coffees, which is; Americano, Cappuccino, Flat White & Latte.




The Americano is the easiest to make and most common type of coffee. Firstly, you can choose two different types of cups; our coloured coffee mugs or a glass coffee mug.

Start by taking your chosen mug and preheat with boiling hot water. It is recommended to use about 3oz of espresso and another 3oz of hot water – it’s also best to pour the espresso on top of the hot water as doing it this way will prevent the crème from breaking apart from your espresso. Then, your coffee is ready to enjoy.  You can add milk, sugar, honey, cream or sweet syrups to the coffee, depending on taste. However way you serve up your Americano, it’s always a great start to the day.




A Cappuccino is a little more difficult to make, as learning how to perfectly froth milk can be a tricky task. A standard Cappuccino consists of about 25ml espresso and 85ml milk which is best served in a large mug such as our Royal Genware Green Bowl Shaped Cup – the larger shaped mug is perfect for the foamy drink.


Firstly, you can fill your mug with hot water to preheat. Then, we would recommend frothing the milk with your steaming wand and making sure the wand is at a diagonal. Heat to about 60 – 70 degrees Celsius with assistance of our frothing thermometer; any hotter would burn your tongue! Then, pour out the preheated water, pour in your espresso and pour the milk in at an angle into your mug (you may need to scoop some more foam on top to create a deep layer until you improve your foaming technique). Now your coffee is ready to be served. Some customers do like the cappuccino with chocolate powder on top, also!




The Flat White is a relatively new drink which was created in Australia and later brought to US & Europe. It is quite similar to the Latte, except the milk needs to foam to a smoother texture.  


Firstly, froth around 250ml of milk by making sure that the stem of your steam wand only touches the surface of your milk at a 15 degree angle. This technique should help prevent dry foam from forming on top while creating tinier bubbles all through the milk. Once the milk has doubled in volume, place your steaming wand at the bottom of your milk pitcher and stop this process when your frothing thermometer reads about 67 degrees.  Remove any excess bubbles by swirling and tapping your milk pitcher against a surface.


 Then, prepare around 30ml of espresso and pour into a mug of choice and pour your milk in to finish. This should create a smoother coffee and is best served with a small bit of brown sugar.  





A Latte is another commonly consumed coffee, which can be best served in either a large mug which is perfect for creating Latte art or a tall glass mug.


Firstly, you can prepare a single espresso and then begin foaming your milk and concentrate on creating smooth milk with a slight foam, still heating between 60 – 70 degrees. It’s important when creating a Latte to swirl and tap your foamed milk at the end to get rid of excess bubbles which then makes it easier to create latte art. A recommended way of serving would to firstly pour your foamed milk into a tall glass and let it sit for a couple of seconds until it settles and to then pour your espresso in slowly – you can pour over a teaspoon to help the espresso pour more slowly. This should create a gradient effect which is a stunning feature for your customers!



Once these four variations of coffee are included in your coffee shop menu, you can then tailor them and make individual to your establishment! If you’re interested in shopping more of the products we feel are essential for your coffee shop, click here.  Otherwise, you can shop all of our products at or if you would prefer to shop in person, visit us in town at 1 Chancery Court, Bride Street, Dublin 8. Need directions? Check the map here!