Copper Barware

In the last year or so, copper has made waves in the catering industry. With everything from side dishes and lamps, to cocktail glasses and cutlery - copper can be found in the most trendy of bars, hotels, restaurants and cafes. This recent trend of copper becoming popular has seen it being used for pretty much everything. 

Our favourite way to incorporate copper into your business here at Hugh Jordan is through barware. With an extensive range of all things copper, you can turn your bar into the trendiest place in town. Here are a few of our favourite copper pieces to add to your collection!

Copper Cocktail Shaker €21.06

Copper Boston Shaker €18.99

Hammered Copper Barrel Mug €11.81

Copper Mug €21.99

Copper Cocktail Strainer €14.63

Comment below and let us know what your favourite Copper Barware piece, or if there are other types of Copper products that you like!

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