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Chemical Range - Colour Coded


With the launch of our new cleaning chemicals range ‘Super Professional', we are looking at the colour coding when using chemicals. Colour coding cleaning products is the simplest way for a company to keep a high standard of hygiene throughout your establishment. It is so important for companies to reduce the spread of germs within the different areas of the building. It is becoming increasingly more important to use colour coding to help reduce risk and is used especially in the hospitality and healthcare industries. It is also worth noting that while colour coded cleaning is not a legal requirement; it is still widely used by businesses and cleaners to create and maintain a safe operational environment for everyone.

The new ‘Super Professional’ range focuses on three colours to implement a colour coding plan in your business: Red, Green and Blue. The cleaning chemicals colours are representative of their areas in which they should be used. The colours represent the different areas as follows:

  • Red would be high risk areas. Along with our red colour coded chemicals, we provide a range of red coloured mops, buckets, brushes and cloths to be used with our chemicals in the red coloured areas such as toilets and washrooms.


  • Green would be for lower risked areas. With the variety of green coloured cleaning equipment to use with our new chemical range, these would be used for areas  such as food preparation areas and kitchens. 


  • Blue would be for low risk areas. Household areas where there is less bacterial contamination risk is where you would use the blue colour coded chemicals and cleaning equipment.


Along with colour coded chemicals, companies should also ensure that colour coding is used when using janitorial products, such as cloths, mops and brushes to reduce and prevent the spread of germs from the different section. If a company implements a colour coded cleaning chart efficiently then this will lead to employees following the plan, hygiene and contamination risks will be minimised and the cleaning process will be maintained continuously. Companies should ensure that colour coded cleaning chemicals and equipment is not only available but also utilised to its fullest extent by their employees and cleaners.


Making colour coded cleaning practices part of every employee’s induction and use signage will ensure that the implemented plan will be a continual success for the company and its employees. There can be a number of benefits to the implementation of a colour coding plan in companies: it can prevent cross contamination, it can help to identify but high risk and low risk areas and it can ensure the segregation of cleaning equipment. Wall charts will help employees to understand the correct area to use both the chemicals and the equipment as well as teaching them the best practice when it comes to cleaning. See below for our wall charts to follow with our new chemical range:







Overall, it’s vital in any business to adhere to strict cleaning guidelines and we feel that colour coded cleaning is the way to ensure this. Shop our new range of Super Professional Chemicals available online now at Hugh Jordan. Don’t forget to check our cleaning accessories and equipment to implement your colour coding plan effectively. What tips do you have for a business that is only beginning this process? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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