Clingfilm, Foil & Baking Parchment

Explore our full range of clingfilm, foil & baking parchment to help you preserve your food in any busy kitchen environment. 

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    Cling Film Cutterbox


    Clingfilm Refill


    Foil Cutterbox 90mx45cm

    Foil Cutterbox 90mx45cm

    Baking Parchment

    Baking Parchment 75mx45cm

    Cling Film Cutterbox


    Foil Cutterbox 90mx30cm

    Foil Cutterbox 90mx30cm

    Wrapmaster Dispenser

    45cm (18")

    Foil For Wrapmaster Dispenser

    30cm X 90m | Ctn/3

    Wrapmaster Cling Film Refill

    Refill for Wrapmaster

    Wrapmaster Dispenser 30cm (12")

    Wrapmaster 3000