Cinco de Mayo Essentials

With Cinco de Mayo only a day away, we’ve put a list together of some of the essentials to allow you to celebrate in style.


As the national drink of Mexico, Tequila features predominantly in Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Serve your margaritas and tequila shots in style with our selection of glasses and barware.

Margarita glasses

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SDMARGA00099 | GGMARGU08428 | ARMARGA79923 | BWMARGT93001

Shot Glasses

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Looking to upgrade your blender before Cinco de Mayo?

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The Hamilton Beach Tango 1.4L high performance bar blender is constructed specifically for the busiest bars around! This high performance blender can blend a 16 oz. daiquiri in just 15 seconds flat. It also has a timer with an automatic shutoff so that you can blend your frozen drinks while simultaneously preparing other beverages.



Known for it’s vibrant and fresh flavours Mexican food has quickly become a staple around the world. While everyone may know some Mexican classics like tacos, enchiladas, and tamales – Cinco de Mayo is the perfect day to try some Mexico favourites like chilaquiles and pozole.

Here are some of our top picks for serving Mexican food

 Taco Stands

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This stainless steel taco holder is not only a functional way to serve your dish, but also stylish and versatile. This taco holder can be used to serve tacos, hot dogs and more. 





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Steelite Puebla Collection

Puebla brings old world charm to both traditional and modern Mexican cuisine. Hand painted by authentic skilled Mexican artisans, Puebla is undeniably sophisticated, unpretentious and affordably priced.

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Accentuate all the fresh ingredients in your Mexican dishes with the stone finish of the RAKstone ease collection.

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Rakstone EASE

Did you know that although Fajitas are commonly associated with Mexico they were actually created in the United States? While the Tex-Mex classic may not be authentically Mexican it is still a great option for your Cinco de Mayo menu.

Sizzle Platters

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Planning on offering takeaway this Cinco de Mayo? Make sure to check out all our great food packaging options here - Food Packaging

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