5 Unusual Christmas Dinner Traditions From Around The World


5 Unusual Christmas Dinner Traditions From Around The World


When we say 'Christmas Dinner', we bet the first thing that springs to mind is a big plate of turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, sprouts and all the trimmings.


And we bet your mouth is watering just thinking about it...


While most of us tend to think that the traditional turkey dinner is something enjoyed across the globe, that's not quite the case.


In certain parts of the world, Christmas dinner has a VERY different meaning.


5 Unusual Christmas Dinner Traditions From Around The World


  1. Fried Worms In South Africa


The mopane worm (which is technically part of the caterpillar family) is an important protein source in parts of the African continent and as its harvest season lines up with Christmas, it gets preserved and fried up for the festive season.


  1. The Feast of the Seven Fishes in Italy


In Italy, many families avoid eating meat on Christmas eve and instead enjoy fried eel as part of the traditional 'Feast of the Seven Fishes'.


  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan


Christmas isn't tradtionally celebrated in Japan but because of an old advertising campaign, KFC is hugely popular on Christmas Day. Many KFC franchises will even require booking weeks in advance.


  1. Purple Rice in the Philippines


Puto Bumbong is a Philippines Christmas delicacy. It is a cake, made with rice which has been dyed purple and steamed inside bamboo tubes.


  1. Lamb's Head in Norway


Lamb's head, or smalahove as it's known, is a Norwegian Christmas culinary tradition. For the squeamish, we'll spare you the details on how this dish is prepared, but it is most often served with potatoes and aquavit – Norwegian firewater which is made from potatoes.


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