Giving Your Christmas Decor The Wow Factor - 4 Top Tips

christmas decor


If (like us) you’re a full-blown Christmas fanatic, counting down the days until Santa’s arrival, you’ve probably been itching to get those decorations up since 1st November.


Once those lights are turned on and tinsel has been taken down from the attic, you can well and truly settle into that festive feeling.


Whether it’s your home or workspace that you’re decorating, there are so many ways to give your space the wow factor this Christmas.


Below, we’ve listed some of our top tips for making your Christmas décor better than anyone else’s; with easy ideas that everyone can embrace.


Get A Christmas Theme


Having a theme for your Christmas décor can make your space look more consistent and professionally styled. Whether you want to go all-out OTT or prefer something understated, there are plenty of festive themes to choose from.


For some theme inspiration, keep an eye on our weekly Christmas moodboards, where we’ll be bringing you a variety of traditional, contemporary and creative Christmas décor styling ideas.



Engage The Senses


Yes, Christmas is all about the visuals – the lights, the rich colours and exquisite ornaments. But smells can also be extremely effective when it comes to creating that all-encompassing Christmas spirit. A beautiful scented candle can make all the difference and there are lots of festive-favourite scents to choose from – cinnamon is most often associated with Christmas, but a sweet minty candy cane flavour or a rich mulled wine can also do the trick.


Browse our range of Christmas candles.



Sweet Treats


Give your guests a little something extra by sprinkling sweet treats around the room for them to enjoy. Filling elegant glass jars with candy canes and jellybeans is a simple but stylish touch that will also add some colour to the room.



A Tree With A Difference


The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of all décor and needs to make an impact. To stop guests in their tracks, why not try a different style of Christmas tree. At Hugh Jordan, we offer a 6.5ft pencil Christmas tree which is always one of our most popular seasonal products. Its narrow shape is not only great for space saving, but as it’s non-traditional it gives you the chance to be creative when it comes to adorning it with lights and tinsel. We have a limited amount of Christmas trees in stock, so be sure to order now to avoid disappointment.


pencil tree



If you’re getting ready to decorate this festive season, check out Hugh Jordan’s extensive Christmas range.


We have all the products you need. As well as decorations and dining items, we have napkins, crackers and beautiful finishing touches to complete the look.



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