CATEX 2023

Last week we attended the CATEX 2023 Exhibition in the RDS. There was a great attendance at the event and was great to be back exhibiting at this event once again. After a busy few days we are taking a brief look at just some of what we had on display!


McGrath Refrigeration

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In May 2022 McGrath Refrigeration joined the Hugh Jordan family. Established by Brothers Tom and Damian McGrath in 1981, McGrath Refrigeration has grown into one of Ireland's largest importers and stockist of commercial plug-in Refrigeration and Catering Equipment, and are highly regarded within the industry for their strong levels of expertise and personal service. This was the first showing of McGrath Refrigeration within the Hugh Jordan Group.



Chef Shop & Insignia Embroidery

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The most recent addition to the Hugh Jordan Group is Chef Shop and Insignia Embroidery. Founded in 1997, the Chef Shop supplies the best brands in chefs wear: Kentaur, Le Chef, Ego Chef and Wusthof, Victorinox and Japanese Shun knives. At Insignia Embroidery, their team of experts uses the latest technology to create custom apparel that is both durable and long-lasting. 



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At CATEX we had both the Rational iCombi Pro and iVario Pro on display on our stand. The iVario Pro’s advanced heating system delivers low energy consumption, compared to conventional cooking methods: up to 40% lower energy and 70% lower water consumption. The iCombi Pro offers up to 50% higher productivity, 10% shorter cooking times and 10% lower energy consumption compared to its predecessor! Need more info? Contact our sales team now!





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RAK Charm + range is bright white porcelain, which comes with the added bonus of a highly effective bactericidal glaze. Health and hygiene combined with a great design!


RAK Earth is the latest range by RAK. Through the influences of the seven seas and antique traditions, Tero, Argila, Baantna & Ghera were born. Although they might share the appearance of terracotta & clay, they are entirely made of non-porous porcelain and make beautiful pairings whether used in combination or in contrast. 



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BAHIA range will bring a nature touch in your home. It is composed of dishes and ornamental articles. BAHIA range plays on enamel contrasts and colours and opens a wide range of combinations.


BORÉAL SATIN offers a new range which is modern white tableware. Each white plate is adorned with a modern and exclusive decoration engraved in the wings.


The Salam range with soft and round forms will offer a privileged moment of tasting, as a sweetness’s moment for teatime.



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Homespun Accents, a modern and minimal derivative of the original design. Homespun Accents balances the use of colour and texture alongside simplistic white space.


The Kintsugi design is a modern interpretation of the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. The intricate crackled design features a subtle, reactive texture that makes each piece unique.



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Nyx offers a high contrast black colour field which amplifies the colour tones of the food Chef has created. This engages the eye of the diner and adds dynamism and drama to the presentation. 


The Folia Patina range is an incredibly unique dinnerware pattern featuring a beautiful blend of browns & splashes of bronze. Coated with a reactive matte glaze, Patina provides a thin & sleek look for the table top. Soft curves and smooth rounded edges create a flowing feel, lending to both contemporary and rustic presentations.


Forager by Robert Gordon is designed with a carefully applied reactive glaze that free-flows over each shape to create a unique finish that is different on every piece.


The Spice range designed and created in collaboration between Steelite and Maham explores the qualities of the unglazed outside and glazed inside, using a range of glaze effects - coloured and neutrals/semi-matte and mottled that fit into the current market.



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The Porto collection is inspired by the historical, hand-painted tiles featured within Portuguese architecture. Distinctive and decorative, Porto resembles a mosaic design, capturing the essence of hand-crafted and artisan Portuguese azulejos.


The Harvest Mediterranean design captures the charm of Southern Europe, taking inspiration from the hand painted ceramics of the region’s coastal countries.



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Terra Porcelain's undefined beauty is crafted through natural effects and spontaneous reactions which occur in the kiln. A unique glaze formula, combined with high temperature firing, results in no two pieces looking exactly alike and colour intensity variations from piece to piece, creating a truly distinctive look.


Bonna Porcelain is the most recently launched collection by Genware and consists of 7 ranges: Harena, Luca Ocean, Luca Salmon, Lunar Ocean, Lunar White, Ore Mar & Sway.



Midas is a beautifully crafted Stoneware range, offering texture and a metallic finish across eleven versatile shapes.



The No.W by Revol is the first collection made of recycled paste.


Caractère unveils the simple beauty of centuries-old skills. The unique pieces in the range describe a creative circle that takes its purpose from the love of materials and is constantly renewed.



A porcelain collection and lifestyle range for all hospitality professionals: in the development of WMF SYNERGY and WMF STYLE LIGHTS, the requirements of the latest restaurant concepts, wide-ranging application areas and heterogeneous ambiances were considered as a whole and explored in a simulated everyday restaurant environment.



The Gio collection is the perfect blank canvas for you to showcase your food. Elegant simplicity allows your culinary delights to take centre stage, with each place setting becoming a work of art – and every table a mini-masterpiece!


Gio Gold contains bold patterns and metallic accents add a modern edge, with unique shapes creating a dynamic setting that you can mix and match to develop your own individual flavour.


5 Star Range

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Our 5 Star range has been curated especially for discerning hotels and resorts seeking the ultimate in luxury and elegance. Our collection features the most esteemed brands in the industry, including Degrenne, Wedgewood, Robert Welch, Waterford Crystal, Royal Crown Derby, and many more.



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Our Buffet display had a wide array of ranges available: Degrenne Evento, Emile Henry Welcome, Revol, Mealpak, Dalebrook, Creative Retail Display and APS.



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Exclusive to Hugh Jordan, the Melody collection uses environmentally friendly glass melt crystalite with added titanium. This unique blend makes the glasses more resistant against mechanical defects and against turning grey even after multiple cycles in the dishwasher.


Artis has over half a century of proud heritage, sourcing the world´s finest products for the table and bar; working with you, to make your creations masterpieces. Hugh Jordan boast a wide and varied range of Artis pieces.




Going green has never been more important! FSG’s product range includes reusable takeout packaging, adapted melamine dinnerware, plastic drinkware and display ware. The Eco-Takeaways collection is a great way to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment. Not only are they better for the planet, but they also save you more money than disposables.


Guest Supplies

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The Welcome Signature range is designed to leave guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Infused with soothing black tea and a citrusy bite of bittersweet orange, the range includes both a liquid hand soap and hair & body wash, available in 360ml cartridges with wall-mounted brackets (in 2 colour options) and 400ml pump bottles for easy dispensing. To make refilling even easier, we also offer 5L refill bottles.


Original Botanicals is vegan friendly and eco-friendly. Our Doy Packs are made from recyclable materials and are nickel free, reducing the use of plastic and saving 68% of CO2 in the manufacturing process. Moreover, we have used eco-friendly ingredients in our products to ensure that the environment is not affected.



We had just a sample of our furniture on display on our stand at CATEX. We will have a new furniture brochure coming out this spring!



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Winterhalter are the only company that solely concentrates on warewashing; machines, water treatment, chemicals, racks and service.


Hoshizaki is a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen and food service equipment.


An all-round high speed oven, suitable for a busy kitchen, able to cook large volumes of high quality food at up to 12-15x faster than a conventional oven. Still combining the Merrychef technology of convection oven, microwave power and impingement the Merrychef eikon® e4 also has a unique internal grease filter, which together with its catalytic converter, reduces grease build up even when cooking higher protein foods.


Pujadas’ coal-fired ovens are one of latest trends in the demanding hospitality market.



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