Buffet Display Essentials

Buffet displays are great for large parties and events such as weddings and conferences and they are also very popular in canteens and delis. There are many trends to choose from when deciding on what to use such as colourful buffet bowls, wooden buffet accessories, colourful crocks and much more. With all of this to chooses from, it’s difficult to know where to start so with this guide we have you covered with the most on trend buffet essentials. Use this guide to get your creative juices flowing and create the perfect Buffet Display.





Bowls are a great way to display food in an attractive and stylish way. Not only that but they make it much easier for people to pick up food from. Bowls come in all shapes, sizes and colours so it is hard to know what to choose. Large bowls combined with smaller bowls can add a lot of height to a display. We recommend using large bowls such as Katora, Flow and Reactive bowls are very attractive when used for buffet display and they are also hand crafted from an Irish potter too! These are perfect for storing foods such as salads and rice. There are thousands of options to choose from when choosing your bowls so it’s best to choose a bowl that is most suited to the food type that it will be displaying.







Wooden buffet display gives a rustic look and is also a very versatile material to go with as it includes a wide array of pieces from bowls, risers, crates and much more. When paired with the colourful bowls, the wooden risers really pop adding to the rustic look. The wooden risers are excellent for adding height and depth to a display as adding differing heights will make a display look neater and less crowded. The varying heights also make it easier for people to see the food, making it less overwhelming. When risers are paired with bowls, the height is more varied, adding to that neater look.

Almost any food type looks great in the wooden risers and bowls, so they are perfect for displaying bread, fruit and even confectionary. This makes them a great choice also for placing at Point-of-Sales too as they are more attractive.







Bakeware display is so versatile and can work for almost any occasion where food is involved; it’s not just for baked goods! Cake stands are a great way to display ranges of sandwiches at buffet style counters, delis and cafes. They also make a great way to display fruit, especially when paired with an acrylic lid. They are also great for showcasing foods in deli counters and they add a nice touch of colour to the display. 


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