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Intro to Steelite

Steelite International is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of award winning tabletop and buffet solutions for the hospitality industry. Listening to our customers has allowed us to offer innovative solutions in china, metal, glass, wood and melamine. Servicing over 140 countries, we are committed to offering the best in functionality and design, while minimising the effect on our environment.

Steelite New Collections

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Aurora uses reactive glazes in combination to achieve stunning colour and contrast effects.

An artisan approach is used in decorating each piece of Aurora by hand. This accentuates the individuality and craftsmanship required in its creation and gives each piece its personality. Two reactive glazes are used on each item, either to create contrast, or to achieve a more sophisticated tonal look. In either case, the effect is one of richness and vibrancy, enhancing the creativity associated with many cuisine types.

7 Colours

  • Jade
  • Blue Stone
  • Granite
  • Burnt Emerald
  • Lapis
  • Amber
  • Rose Quartz


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Craft is inspired by hand-crafted, simple country wares made by generations of potters over hundreds of years. The range embodies the beauty of rich, lustrous glazes applied by hand, and celebrates chance effects and reactions which occur naturally in the kiln. The gem-like glazes married to simple forms and shapes produce a unique and individual appearance, giving Craft a rustic “joie de vivre.”

9 Colours

  • Craft Apple
  • Craft Raspberry
  • Craft White
  • Craft Blue
  • Craft Green
  • Craft Brown
  • Craft Terracotta
  • Craft Liquorice
  • Craft Porcini


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Ink & Nomad

Crackling occurs when the glaze does not fit the clay body of the ware correctly, causing it to fracture into beautiful linear patterns, covering the entire surface of the glazed piece.

Design Inspiration Crackle patterns have a long and distinguished history going back millennia. Their origins can be found in the very earliest examples of glazed pottery. Ancient oriental potters delighted in this effect and sought to maximise it by either rubbing coloured ink into the gaps caused by the crackle.

The bold range pays tribute to the faded opulence of antique decoration. Like finding a treasure-trove of heirloom pieces, Legacy inspires and delights with its playful, casual mix of relaxed style and comfortable living. The range contrasts and coordinates with other Performance collections to create an eclectic array of off-the-shelf bespoke possibilities.

7 Colours

  • Ink Crackle Black
  • Ink Crackle Grey
  • Nomad Blue
  • Nomad Sand
  • Legacy Ginger
  • Legacy Blue
  • Legacy Teal


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Asteria & Nyx

Asteria is an object lesson in minimalism. A pristine white surface allows Chef’s creativity to shine unimpeded and the rimless profile maximises the plating area, allowing the elements of the dish to breathe. The deep black band constrains the presentation and draws attention to the plated food, adding focus and highlight.

Nyx offers a high contrast black colour field which amplifies the colour tones of the food Chef has created. This engages the eye of the diner and adds dynamism and drama to the presentation. The rimless profile offers Chef the ultimate plating area, allowing their skills and creativity to be showcased in the best possible way.


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The Nordic region has become synonymous with Chef’s skills in developing dishes utilising the very best local ingredients and presenting them in a sympathetic and contemporary manner.

Such an important culinary aesthetic deserves its own platform and the new Nordic range encompasses these shared design values. The simple but sophisticated plate profiles allow Chef the space to present dishes that can ‘breathe’ whilst simultaneously being framed by a deep, gently curving rim. This enables the ultimate showcasing of some of the most innovative and influential cuisine.


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Taste adds style to casual dining. Suitable for signature dishes, sandwiches, or shared platters. With a choice of underlying chargers and several trays, bowls and dippers – the possibilities are endless!


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The Vesuvius range is a collection of three stunning reactive glazes, including Amber, Lapis and Emerald. Taking their names from some of nature’s more precious materials, these glazes complement and contrast with each other and provide a rich and exciting platform for today’s eclectic and diverse menus.

3 Colours

  • Lapis
  • Amber
  • Burnt Emerald


To learn more about Steelite or to order from their new collections - contact your local rep at 01 862 7200 |

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