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Intro to Churchill

Churchill prides itself on delivering innovative, high performance products to an ever changing, global market place. Their priority lies with the offering of a total tabletop solution to a market which demands the best results from its tableware.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality ceramic tableware, Churchill has a long history of bringing the highest quality products to the hospitality industry. Based in the heart of the Potteries since 1795 as one of its constituent companies, Sampson Bridgwood, Churchill has progressively developed, building a strong reputation as an innovative and reliable supplier of quality tabletop products.


Churchill Collections 

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Stonecast items are decorated individually by hand, creating unique pieces that add to the overall rustic charm. The Stonecast ranges are protected by ecoglaze, a high performance glaze that enhances product performance, prolonging the life of the product, improving stain and metal mark resistance and durability. Excellent stability prevents thermal shock and crazing.

Loved by chefs around the world, the professional tableware range consists of over 800 items across 7 designs. The variety of colour, texture and shape available makes Stonecast the perfect for creative mix and match restaurant table tops.

New Ranges

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Stonecast Plume

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The hand decorated Stonecast Plume design interprets the fluidity of painting mediums. A unique formula creates layers of colour that interact and blend together, forming the characteristic Plume effect. Hand decorated, every piece of Stonecast Plume is a unique creation with variation in pattern and the balance of light and dark tones.


2 Colour Options


  • Ultramarine
  • Olive



Stonecast Raw

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Rustic and earthy Stonecast Raw is finished in the semi-matte Vellum glaze. Stonecast Raw has a muted and tactile feel with warm, organic tones inspired by natural materials and stripped back interior design. Decorated underglaze, Raw features a hand applied rustic edge band and durable, semi-matte glaze that is engineered to withstand a busy hospitality environment.


4 Colour Options


  • Stonecast Raw Blue
  • Stonecast Raw Grey
  • Stonecast Raw Black
  • Stonecast Raw Brown




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Emerge is a collection of stylish tableware decorated in artisan style effect glazes, a blend of tradition and innovation. The appearance of studio pottery is created through glaze finishes and an exposed biscuit base in the earthy Churchill Emerge coloured body.



3 Colour Options


  • Emerge Cinnamon Brown
  • Emerge Oslo Blue
  • Emerge Seattle Grey




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Haze is a contemporary addition to Studio Prints. The Haze design features a multi-tonal pattern inspired by the process of spraying glaze on to ceramics. Decorated underglaze in Churchill's semi matte Vellum finish, an innovative glaze formula that has been specially developed to perform to British hospitality standards.



Homespun Accents

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Homespun Accents, a modern and minimal derivative of the original design. Homespun Accents balances the use of colour and texture alongside simplistic white space. Printed underglaze for added durability, finished with a hand applied edge band and printed with reactive colour so that every piece will be unique.



2 Colour Options


  • Homespun Accents Aquamarine
  • Homespun Accents Jasper Grey




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The Kintsugi design is a modern interpretation of the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. The intricate crackled design features a subtle, reactive texture that makes each piece unique. The design is decorated underglaze, creating a protective layer for added durability.


3 Colour Options


  • Kintsugi Coral
  • Kintsugi Pearl Grey
  • Kintsugi Agate Grey




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The Nourish collection features a range of bowls and dip pots decorated in artisan style glazes. A comprehensive range, Nourish is the perfect accompaniment to dishes from all around the world. Visit the Nourish inspiration page and browse our gallery and get inspired by our Nourish lifestyle photography.


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9 Colour Options


  • Andorra Green
  • Petra Sand
  • Seattle Grey
  • Olso Blue
  • Sienna Brown
  • Toyko Black
  • Siena Barley White
  • Siena Duck Egg
  • White



Raku Duo

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Introducing Raku Duo, a design that brings a new dimension to the collection with striking two colour compositions. The complementary colour combinations create a premium frame for elevated food presentation.



2 Colour Options


  • Raku Topaz Quartz
  • Raku Agate Topaz




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Studio Prints collections are a contemporary take on traditional studio pottery. Stone, a range within the collection is inspired by the traditional process of hand carving ceramics from natural stone. Emulating tones and textures of nature, Studio Prints Stone has all the durability and technical reassurance required for the hospitality environment.


5 Colour Options


  • Stone Pearl Grey
  • Aquamarine
  • Stone Agate Grey
  • Stone Quartz Black
  • Stone Zircon Brown


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