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Copper Barware

In the last year or so, copper has made waves in the catering industry. With everything from side dishes and lamps, to cocktail glasses and cutlery - copper can be found in the most trendy of bars...

New Year, New Hue!

This year we have started to focus more on colour. We decided to ditch the ordinary and begin the year with more vibrant and exciting products. Although product like the plain white plate will always ...

2016 Trend: Courgetti

Every year new and innovative products are brought to the table and 2016 is no different. In 2015 we saw the rise of the ‘Macha Latte’ – a form of green tea coffee with an array of health benefits, In...

Food Trends for 2016
Food Trends for 2016 The Srirache effect Elevating peasant fare Trash to Treasure The Burned Effect Bubbles Negative on GMOs Modernizing the Supply Chain Fast Food Refresh Year of the Worker The Delivery Revolution