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In Store: Microplane!
In Store: Microplane!

One of our most new and exciting products to come in-store to our shop at 1 Chancery Court, Bride Street is our extensive range of Microplane products!



A product that started with a Canadian ...

The New Glencairn Whisky Glass!

When you think of a drink, be it champagne, gin, wine.. they all have a distinct glass they get served in. Yet whisky, the worlds most complex spirit can be found served in anything from tumblers to g...

Hugh Jordan In-Store Featured Product!

Our shop on 1 Chancery Court, Bride Street, Dublin 8 is full of interesting new products! Among these products are a range of chef knives from F.Dick.



These three knives are from our 1905 ran...

Outdoor Furniture For Summer 2017

It’s that time of year again when the evenings let longer and the sun starts to shine. More and more people are sitting outside be it just for their morning coffee or at night in their beer garden so ...

Introducing: The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat is a durable steel structure so will withstand any weather conditions and will not give trouble like all other heaters. There is no maintenance required, just a simple cleaning now and again. It also has its own RCD breaker attached so it will trip itself out in the event of a fault. This is an extra safety feature but in over 3 years of manufacturing they are yet to have a single problem with faulty seats.