Hugh Jordan Reward Point Scheme

Here at Hugh Jordan, we are proud to announce our new online reward point scheme. Now every time you make a purchase on our website, you will earn reward points that can be used towards your next purchase. It’s the perfect way to make great savings on your future purchase

The Benefits Of Going Biodegradable

There are many growing concerns that are arising as a factor of climate change; one of these is waste and the breakdown of plastics in the natural environment. Cornware, a UK based company, are tackling this concern by producing biodegradable disposable tableware and carrier bags. 

Simple 3-Ingredient Soup Recipes!

With Summer coming to a close and the darker nights around the corner, hearty soups are what we need. In the winter months our bodies crave warmth and comfort, and there is nothing better to give you that feeling that with an amazing soup!

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions With Castle Chafer!

Catalytic Burners Ltd (henceforth Catalytic Burners) has commissioned Carbon Footprint Ltd to undertake a like for like product comparison, analysing the difference in emissions from usage and disposal using their Castle Chafer system, to the same emissions from a Traditional Chafer system.

Looking For A Thrill? 😉

Thrill Vortex is the solution for sanitising and cooling glasses instantly, all with one simple touch!