Best Kitchenware buys for your family

Christmas is a time for family to gather together and celebrate; this year is more important and special than ever before. To make it that much more special, treat the cook in your life to some of our top picks for cooking and baking during this festive period.



When buying new cookware equipment, there are a few things to consider before purchasing. These considerations are: what you cook, how many people you cook for and what storage space you have.

  • Fry Pans: 8”, 10” and 12” are the main sizes to look at when purchasing frying pans.  An 8” pan isn’t over common but can be useful when cooking for one or as an additional pan. A 10” pan is a more versatile pan and is great for eggs and reducing sauces. 12” pans can handle nearly any dish and is large enough to fry and sauté without any hassle.

                                            Non-stick frying pan, available in 8” & 12”


  • Saucepans: Most households will have a number of saucepans, ranging in sizes. Small sized saucepans can be useful for soups and sauces and are good for small families and single cooks. Large saucepans are much more versatile and can be used for everyday use.

                                      Saucepan, Available in 2L, 3L & 4L


  •  Stockpots: With Christmas fast approaching, the most important thing is a stockpot to cook your Christmas ham in!

                           Stainless steel stockpot, available in 10L,16.5L,24L, 33.6L & 50L



Whether you are a baker or not, having a collection of bakeware items are always handy!

  • Baking pan: Baking pans can be very versatile. They can be used as a substitute for a cake or cupcake tin and can also be used to roast vegetables or meat in the oven.


  • Round tin: These tins are a staple for all bakers. Used to make layered round cakes but can also be used to make biscuits and other pastries.


  • Muffin mould: If you bake often and love making cupcakes or muffins, these moulds are essential. These moulds make it easier for the baker in your life to product the best muffins and cupcakes.


  • Tart pan: A tart pan is not just used for pies but can also be used to make quiches or even for roasting chickens!


  • Loaf Tin: Loaf tins can be versatile and can be used to make a variety of different things including pound cakes, banana bread and meatloaf.



Every chef will tell you that you need to have the right equipment to succeed.



  • Peeler: For those who have are not comfortable using a paring knife, a peeler is an essential and is easier to manage for everyone.


  • Grater/Zester: A great box grater is an indispensable tool. With multiple different sides with a multitude of different uses, this grater is an essential tool. Microplane zesters can be used to zest fruits as well as grate cheeses.


                                      Grater                                     Microplane Zester


  • Thermapen: Temping food is one of the most important cooking steps. It is not only for meat and food safety, but can be used to check breads too.




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