Best Gin Garnishes & Pairings


As the weather warms up, there’s nothing more thirst quenching then a gin with your favourite tonic or mineral over ice. Sometimes a plain gin & tonic can get boring and repetitive, but with the right garnishes & pairings you can create an amazingly tasty beverage for your guests. Whether you’re looking for a spiced, herbal, floral or citrus gin combination, check out four gin pairings to spruce up your gin & tonic mix! 


Floral Gin
When choosing a floral gin, we would recommend Hendricks Gin – this premium gin has a hint of rose in the flavour as well as cucumber, chamomile and elderflower.  To keep up with this fresh taste, adding an orange peel and topping off with Elderflower Tonic would be the perfect way to garnish! To compliment the flavours even further, you can add lemon thyme for that perfect sweet & citrus balance. No gin is complete without the perfect glass – why not serve in a timeless vintage style glass like our Deco Hi-Ball Tumbler! Check it out online here.


Herbal Gin
Nothing beats a classic and Bombay Sapphire has amazing herbal notes that make this one a perfect choice. A rosemary stem is the perfect way to add freshness to this herbal gin, while a lime wedge helps to add the acidity - You can alternatively add a twisted lemon peel! Top of this tasty gin with the freshest ice-cold tonic!


Citrus Gin
A perfect example of a citrus gin is Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla – the perfect summer citrus gin burst concentrating on three key components - the vibrant orange aroma, the intense citrus flavour and the strong piney juniper. To compliment this, balance with pink grapefruit while still adding that zesting zing and top off with a light tonic water! Keep this one classic, serve in a Gin Goblet (Available here) – ideal for showing the colours of the grapefruit.


Spiced Gin
For something a little different, Ophir Oriental Spiced Gin is a gin that mainly consists of Juniper, Spicy Cubeb Berries, Black Pepper, Coriander, which are botanicals primarily from places such as Indonesia & Morocco. This warm & spicy gin is best served with a ginger ale as the mixer and garnished with a slice of orange and could be best served in an Autumn/Winter period.


With every gin you serve in your hotel, bar or restaurant, the perfect class is a necessity in shaping the experience for your guests. To explore our full range of glassware, shop online here. For every establishment, there’s always a different gin & tonic mix or cocktail that proves more popular than others depending on what your regular customer is looking for – we’d love to know what the fan favourite is in your bar – let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share with us what type of glass you serve your concoctions in. Still interesting in researching more gin cocktails? Check out our blog on Gin Cocktails from Summer 2018 online here.