Beat The #LatteLevy

The #LattéLevy is happening, it’s time to deal with the situation at hand before it’s too latté (sorry, we had to lighten the mood with a pun) and we end up spending up to .30c more on our morning brews.


For those of you that don’t know, the #LattéLevy is a charge that will be applied to those who use disposable cups, much like the plastic bag levy circa 2002, encouraging us to ditch the disposable cups in favour of reusable ones.


Although many cafés offer compostable cups, many of these never make it to the compost pile, and end up in the regular landfill along with the other estimated 2,000,000 disposable cups each day.   


Once you start paying attention, you start to realise how much waste you go through a day. 


Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.


What’s that saying? ‘A second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’… The same goes for disposable cups, ‘A minute in your hand, 50 years on a landfill.’


So, enter the KeepCup. KeepCup is an Australian creation, born to join the climate change battle one cup at a time. To do this, KeepCup uses less plastic. Disposable cups are lined with polyethylene and have a polystyrene lid, so there is enough plastic in 28 disposable cups to make one small KeepCup. Even better, the KeepCup was manufactured to fit perfectly under a barista’s coffee machine, so a cafés careful coffee brewing technic isn’t compromised.



The breakeven is 15 uses. People are often concerned about the environmental cost of the washing-up compared to a disposable cup. But regardless of this small necessity, you’ll still start saving water, trees and energy after 15 uses. In other words, if you use a KeepCup instead of disposable cups, after your 15th coffee, you’re helping save the planet.  #salutethereuser


You can dramatically reduce the number of non-compostable cups being used, and many small acts will make a phenomenal difference.


What’s that? You want more? Well, the KeepCup is fully customisable, coming in 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz sizes; you can get your KeepCup in just about every colour known to man, in completely different combinations.


We’ve learned so much from the plastic bag levy, so let’s put that same thinking to this campaign. Join the #reuserevolution and #loveyourcup.


There are so many cafés already joining the revolution and rewarding its customers who bring their own reusable cup with a discount on coffee. You can check out which cafés you can redeem your discount at here -


Check out our wide range of KeepCups at our Bride Street Shop in town and #showusyourcups on Twitter.


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