Bars at Home: The latest trend

With the news that phase 4 of the Covid-19 restrictions have been delayed, we are taking a look at the effects that lockdown has had on the drinks industry and how this had led to an increase in the trend of bars at home.


When COVID-19 restrictions first began back in March, pubs and restaurants were closed indefinitely and many people took to the alternative of making drinks at home. With no date given for pubs and restaurants to reopen these restrictions gave people a greater amount of time to partake in DIY challenges, with an increase in the number of outdoor bars and indoor bars being made at home. During the restrictions, many people created their own unique bars either in their houses or in their gardens as a way to still have the atmosphere of a pub within the lockdown restrictions.


Many people created bars that could suit their space and needs. With a huge variety of accessories and barware equipment available on our website, creating a bar at home is easier than ever before. Pictured below is a small selection of the barware and accessories available to order from our website. For creating cocktails, some essentials would include a Boston Shaker, Boston Glass, A Muddler, Mixing SpoonJigger and Strainer.



Once you have the right equipment to suit your needs, next thing is to have the right glassware. The latest range of glassware that we have in stock is our Melody glassware. Melody has a variety of different glasses to cover your needs, from wine glasses to brandy glasses. The Melody range is made from titanium crystal, making it a more durable glass, is chip resistant and is dishwasher safe, making the range the perfect glasses for your bar at home.


Shop our wide range of barware and accessories and our latest Melody glassware available online now at Hugh Jordan to help create your perfect bar at home.


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