Are All White Plates Equal?

 White crockery has always been a staple in both households and businesses, but is all white crockery the same? The classic white plates have become more now than they were before. With different shapes, rims, designs, development and price, there is more to think about when you want to choose the best for your business. There are main questions one has to ask when choosing crockery: How durable is it? What shape would suit your business? What can we afford with our budget? What is the best glaze? We are going to answer these questions for you!



Durability is important for everyone, no matter where or for what their crockery is being used for. Bone china and porcelain are the most durable crockery. Bone china is a type of porcelain however it contains one key ingredient to make it different: bone china actually contains cow bone ash. This special ingredient makes bone china thinner and smoother than regular porcelain, giving it a creamy, white colour and opaqueness. Porcelain is such a durable ceramic due to its construction. Porcelain is fired twice to ensure a greater durable. The Churchill Super Vitrified body is one of the strongest in the world and has a great variety of plate designs to choose from.



Churchill StonecastRoyal Porcelain TitanSteelite Quadro

         Churchill Stonecast                             Royal Porcelain Titan                 Steelite Quadro


White plates can be seen as quite bland or plain. Different shapes can help bring a different spin onto the traditional white crockery. Above are a few ideas of the different shaped plates that can be used with your traditional white crockery to put a new spin on your dinnerware.




CHurchill Stonecast

                                                                                     Churchill Stonecast


Not all white plates have to be bland or perfectly white. White crockery can be given a splash of colour on the rim to make your plates stand out and to add your own spin on the traditional white crockery. Each Churchill Stonecast piece is individually painted to achieve maximum effect. The hand painted colourwash is finished with a golden brown band and fine speckle designed to enhance food presentation. For others, patterns may bring to life your crockery. Steelite Willow range involves a white patterned rim to create a new look to your white crockery.

Steelite Willow

Steelite Willow


Price Range: Value, High Quality or Top Tier?

At Hugh Jordan, we have a number of different brands with white crockery to suit any budget. Our RAK Porcelain range is our top tier choice. RAK Porcelain combines the finest raw materials with the expertise of the Research and Development department to make porcelain that is gleaming white, practical and universal.

RAK Banquet

RAK Banquet


Steelite and Churchill are two of our high quality ranges available at Hugh Jordan. Steelite create their Alvo range of crockery from Alumina Vitrified clay body, which offers customers the opportunity to purchase sleek and elegant pieces with the security of durability and lasting product excellence. Churchill uses its year of experience in this industry to develop their crockery. With centuries of experience with cutting edge technology and design innovation behind them which has led them to produce one of the strongest ceramic bodies in the world.



Steelite Alvo





 Churchill Evolve


Our Royal Porcelain crockery range is our most popular in the value range. Royal Porcelain tableware is universal. From banqueting to fine dining, this exquisite range unites durability with unique design that electrifies your table presentation. This range is exclusive to Hugh Jordan. Royal Porcelain

Royal Porcelain


Shop our wide range of white crockery online now at Hugh Jordan. Up until Christmas, Hugh Jordan is running a stock deal on our RAK Porcelain Crockery: Buy 4 cases of RAK Porcelain and get the 5th case FREE.

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