Air Purifiers

What has been a known longstanding health issue is now, post Covid-19, a significant public health concern and businesses are requiring solutions to manage this challenge.
Introducing Air Origins Shield® by JVD
With the most comprehensive air purification technology – JVD’s patented Smart Mineralization® Technology – the Shield® air purifier is designed specifically for the professional B2B market and ideally suited for hospitality.
Its unique patented technology captures, neutralises and mineralises the four key dangers:
- Bacteria, Moulds & Viruses (including Covid-19)
- Pollutant particles that penetrate the lungs, blood and endocrine/lymphatic systems
- Allergens (dust mites, pollen, hairs)
- Odours

Designed and manufactured in France and certified to the most demanding standards the Shield® is the professional solution for your air purification needs.

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    JVD Shield Air Purifier Cream White


    JVD Shield Air Purifier Sapphire Blue