A Guide To Colour Coded Cleaning

Colour coded cleaning is the most common and simplest way to keep health and hygiene to the highest standard in any industry where health & hygiene is paramount. This process will help reduce the spread of germs from area to area, and is vital in places in the healthcare sector or hospitality industries and is also ideal for helping reducing risk in your home or business, as cross contamination can cause illness.


Colour coded cleaning is the process where a business assigns certain colours to cleaning equipment for specific areas of their venue. Primarily, items such as cloths, mops, buckets & gloves are purchased in certain colours and exclusively used in the assigned areas depending on their colour. The four main colours used and to separate out areas such as bars, public areas, kitchen & food preparation areas and washrooms, are red, blue, green and yellow. The cleaning equipment colours represent their area of use. For example, you wouldn’t mop a kitchen with a mop that was previously used for mopping a bathroom! With this, you can break down areas for colour coding into the following:


  •          Public areas – such as lobbies, receptions and hallways
  •          Washroom and toilets – this can include shower rooms and bathrooms
  •          Restaurant and bar – including dining areas and cafe lounge spaces
  •          Kitchen and food preparation areas – any kitchen, food station or area where food is kept and/or prepared

In order to begin implementing a colour coded cleaning system, you will need to assign a different mop (and other cleaning equipment) to each area, with a colour handle, head or bristles to make it easy to identify. You can use this hygienic system anywhere across your business from mops to gloves, to even chopping boards and knives in your kitchen!  



What you need:

When changing to the colour coded cleaning system, it’s important to equip your business with the right products.  We have a wide range of colour coded cleaning equipment available at Hugh Jordan but we’ve derived a list of three essential products to get you started!


Mop Heads, Mop Handles, Mop Handles & Buckets– depending on the need of your business, we have a wide variety floor mopping equipment to help you colour code correctly in your business. For example, the SYR mop buckets are perfect to get your started!


All Purpose Cloths – It’s important to ensure cross contamination doesn’t occur between food surfaces & bathroom facilities and an easy way to combat this is to designate a colour to an area.  Check out our wide range online here.  


Brushes – Not unlike the rest of the colour coded cleaning products, brush heads can be purchased in red, green, yellow & blue to help prevent germs spreading from section to section. Check them out here.


Overall, it’s vital in any business to adhere to strict cleaning guidelines and we feel that colour coded cleaning is the way to ensure this. What tips do you have for a business that is only beginning this process? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!