5 Innovative Ways To Use Your Cake Stand

Who says that a cake stand can only be used to display cakes? Here are a list of five innovative ways in which you can use your cake stand to make a new and creative display. Shop our Cake Stands here!

1. Condiment Holder
This is a great way to hold all your condiments in one place in a stylish fashion. This is great for large tables, Barbeques, Outdoor tables, etc. 

2. Sandwich Displays
For parties, buffet style counters, Delis and Cafés - this is a great way to display your range of sandwiches. 

3. Candles 
A great way to light up the room and keep your table clear from candle wax is to use a cake stand to display and hold your candles. The added height adds to the style and keeps all the candles in one safe place! 

4. Fruit Bowls
Want to display your fruit in a stylish and innovative way? Why not try displaying them on a cake stand instead of a fruit bowl? Fruit can become lost in the bottom of a fruit bowl but with cake stands you are sure to display your fruit in perfect fashion! 

5. Flowers
Everyone puts there candles in a vase on a table - but if you have a little more room why not make your flower arrangement a little bit more extravagent? By using a cake stand to raise up your vase it centres to attention to your flower display. 

Which way is your favourite way to use a cake stand?

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