2018 Food Trends

Well, here we are in 2018, fresh, rosy cheeked and ready to take the New Year by storm. And as usual, your social media feeds and water cooler conversations are probably buzzing with notions of ‘New Year, New Me’, but, if like us, you’re in the catering industry, it’ll be ‘What are this year’s food trend predictions?’


So, grab a cup of your flowery tea (see number 4) and read on to see some of Hugh Jordan’s predictions for 2018.





After the recent rise of ‘The Gin and Tonic’ and the eventual seizing of the tonic industry by elderflower flavours, we are sure to see an abundance of botanical flavours flood our pallets with the likes of lavender lattes and rose-flavoured everything.


Aside from its fresh and sweet flavour, flowers have antimicrobial and antiviral abilities. Meaning not only are they pretty, they’re also good for us #winning. 





People, and rightly so, are becoming more aware of their waste, evolving from just recycling their plastics to upcycling anything and everything to reduce their carbon footprint.


In the same vein, people are beginning to use parts of plants that you wouldn’t usually think about eating for extended dishes like broccoli-stem slaw, shrimp-shell stock and carrot top pesto.


#zerowaste, a trending hashtag on twitter, was created to remind us how important reducing our carbon footprint is, deliver tips on how we can make small changes to contribute to the change and nudge us in the right direction of eating healthy, unpackaged fruits and veggies.


*NB – While some coffee shops have offered a discount to customers who bring in reusable cups, the UK are in the process of implementing a #LatteLevy, meaning they are beginning to charge for the use of their disposable cups. Before this levy migrates west, why not head into our store on Bride Street to check out our range of Keep Cups to prepare. 





We’ve learned a lot in recent years about our modern Western diet and how to combat the highly processed food we eat, and this year we are set to explore this topic further with a specific focus on how we can introduce more fibre into our diets. 


Enter the Hadza Diet. The Hadza people from Tanzania live as hunter gatherers, only eating what they find in the wild, meaning they’re exposed to a large variety of bacteria, including the important bacteria that the Western diet is lacking. But fear not, all is not lost, re-introducing more seasonal fruits and vegetables and eating less processed foods will give you a boost that your gut will thank you for. 





A staple in Irish and English diets has always been a nice cup of tea. And in the past few years we’ve seen an increase of herbal teas boasting weight loss and other magical benefits, but a recent study has shown that black tea is as effective as green tea when it comes to weight loss – another #win for 2018.


On that note, and combining point number 1 and 4, the rise in global tea ‘bars’ will see a surge in flower infused teas as the venues continually mix and trial different flavours in a bid to create the next big thing.


The cocktail culture has also embraced tea flavours by way of the Barry’s Tea Gin – combining two of our favourite things. Created by Blackwater distillery, the new product is a concoction of a premium craft Irish gin and the finest Barry’s Tea Classic Blend. We here at Hugh Jordan think we’re to expect more of these innovative tea medleys in 2018, and we can’t wait!





The health conscious millennials drinking less and less booze have opened up a niche for non-alcoholic bubbly drinks.


Made from probiotics such as kombucha, beet kvass and water kefir, we’re seeing these healthy mocktails popping up all over town, and we’re sure this is just the start…


This year, big corporations are responding to consumer demand for higher-quality and sustainable food, so 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the plants!


Click here to check out our 2017 predictions, and let us know what you think this year’s trends are going to be in the comment box below.


Here's to a progressive 2018!

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