2016 Trend: Courgetti

Every year new and innovative products are brought to the table and 2016 is no different. In 2015 we saw the rise of the ‘Macha Latte’ – a form of green tea coffee with an array of health benefits, Instagram feeds were inundated with avocado and toast, coconut water filled fridges in shops everywhere and some establishments even served insects as they serve as a form of protein!

This is the year that the no-carb, guilt free pasta is sure to take a rise and it’s called ‘Courgetti’. This pasta like substance is peeled from the courgette plant, with its texture and design proving to be a convincing double for the real thing. Gluten free, guilt free and delicious, Courgetti is every health food junkies dream! What is even more interesting about this dish is that even though the base ingredient is this vegetable, it can still be used as an alternative for spaghetti even for the traditional bolognese.

If you’re interested in trying it, BBC Good Food have posted a recipe that you can find here! and you can also purchase a wok here!



Comment on if you think this would be nice, or if maybe we should stop playing around with food and stick to the classic starchy goodness of real spaghetti! 

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