12 Basic Bar Essentials

We can all agree that it’s definitely not an easy task opening up a brand new business, especially a business within the hospitality industry such as a bar. There is a lot of competition in Ireland these days within the hospitality industry and it still remains difficult to think of concepts for your business to set you apart from the rest. There are many things to firstly consider while in the process of opening up a new business; location, insurance, licencing, furniture, staff and barware to name a few. Once you have the major aspects completed, you can then begin searching for machinery, glassware & accessories to fit your bar and help you on the road in opening up to the public. With our experience in everyday sales to bars and other establishments within the hospitality sector, we have devised a list of twelve simple items to assist you in your journey.










Firstly, we would recommend installing Single Door Fridges behind your bar. These fridges are the perfect size to store safely and neatly between shelves while still remaining to look stylish. These fridges can store anything from mineral drinks to beer or cider. A way to grab attention would be to fill these fridges with quirky craft beers – this is the perfect way to appeal to a wide range of customers and to entice people to come back for more!






I think this one speaks for itself – Our Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker is a necessity for any bar, whether you are opening a new one or looking for new products for your existing one! This Ice Machine saves all the panicked trips to the supermarket to buy more bags of ice and helps a busy day at the bar become a little more stress free.






This Eco Glass Washer is an essential tool for any publican in this day and age. The simplicity of throwing the glasses in the washer and letting them wash while you empty out a tray of glasses that are already cleaned, serve customers or even restock the shelves. This item is really a necessity.












When it comes to glassware, there are three essential glasses every establishment must have; Slim-Jim Glasses, Tulip Beer Glasses and Branded Beer Glasses. These glasses would be considered staples within the hospitality industry. Slim-Jim Glasses can be used anything and would be considered the most versatile glass. They are great for accompanying soft drinks or used for spirits. They are durable and easily fit in a glass washer for bulk washing. Tulip Beer Glasses & Branded Beer Glasses are ideal for Lager, Stout or Cider pourer from draught or can also accompany pint bottles of your choice. We would also recommend investing in a Large Wine Glass as these are generally more versatile.





Bar Accessories







When it comes to bar accessories, there are many to choose from but when starting from scratch it’s best to stick to the basics! Our 36-Glass Wash Rack is an essential when you purchase any glass washer. It keeps your glasses safely stored while not in use or stops breakage while they are being washed. It is always recommended to use a Brush Glass Cleaner on your glasses before putting them in the glass washer – this helps to get of major stains such as lipstick stains. Our Glass Renovator is also ideal for use in the glass washer to make sure your glasses are in great order for use again.  After your glasses are clean, it’s essential to store them safely and hygienically which is why we would recommend our Clip Glass Shelving.








Lastly, Optic Bar Measure 35.5ml and Spirit Measure 35.5ml are items worth investing in! These are the staples to your bar and help you to keep track of all bar measures so you don’t over pour and then over spend on alcohol.  It’s important in Ireland to adhere to the alcohol serving guidelines and serve a measure of only 35.5ml!



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